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Suburban House

If you’re a property investor looking for both immediate and long-term gains, then Renters Warehouse Invest can help you find the best buy-and-hold properties in Atlanta. 


Our technology, people and unmatched knowledge of the Atlanta real estate market can deliver properties poised to deliver immediate cash flow today and strong appreciation when you eventually sell. 


From finding the right property to financing and managing it, Renters Warehouse Invest is your one-stop shop for the most effective buy-and-hold strategy. 

Key Benefits To Buy + Hold

  • Readily available property inventory at fair market value (or less when available).

  • Property appreciation over time.

  • Asset leverage using other people's money (accessible financing at low rates).

  • Tenants pay down the loan balance while the property appreciates.

  • Monthly cash flow after debt service/maintenance.

  • Reduction of taxable income through tax benefits.

  • Deferment of taxes through vehicles such as the 1031 exchange.

  • Rent increases over time, increasing your yield.

  • Steady rental demand as population grows.

  • Steady investment with less volatility than paper assets.

  • Stable historical track record of real estate.

  • Tangible asset class.

Dining Room and Kitchen Interior
Minimalistic Kitchen

What our clients say...

"I had the best experience with Renters Warehouse and working with Olga. She is always prompt in responding to my calls or texts. Olga recommended the best way to prep my property, and we had an application within 24 hours of listing."

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