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Tried And True.

Whether you’re new to real estate investing or a seasoned pro, a 1031 exchange is a tried-and-true way to scale your portfolio. It’s basically a swap of one investment property for another. The exchanged properties must be investments, but they don’t have to be the exact same type of investment.  

If the exchange meets 1031 requirements, you can roll money from one sale into a new rental property and pay no or limited capital gains tax at the time it happens. Best of all, there’s no limit to the number of exchanges you can do. 


1031 exchanges must be done by a third party who can ensure that the client dosn’t access capital from the sales during the exchange. RWI is a qualified intermediary who knows the art, science and law of executing 1031 exchanges. 


Contact us today to tap our deep knowledge of the Atlanta market, find the right properties to meet 1031 exchange requirements, and enjoy all the benefits they have to offer. 

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What our clients say...

"I had the best experience with Renters Warehouse and working with Olga. She is always prompt in responding to my calls or texts. Olga recommended the best way to prep my property, and we had an application within 24 hours of listing."

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