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Brand New Kitchen

A Long Term Investment With Savings.

“Build to Rent” is when a home builder constructs new homes, then sells them to investors to rent out instead of offering them to owner occupants. Build-to-rent communities are typically in outlying suburbs, where land is less expensive and owners can get a good return on their entry-level price point. 


Build-to-rent properties are especially popular today, as more people want to move from cramped apartments to communities where they can spread out and enjoy a larger space with a lawn and garage. In addition to offering a promising long-term investment, they allow investors to save on maintenance costs over the first 7-10 years of ownership.  


RWI works with multiple builders in Atlanta and throughout the state to offer solid investments in the build-to-rent sector. 


Talk to us today about finding and managing your next build-to-rent property investment.

Minimalistic Kitchen

What our clients say...

"I had the best experience with Renters Warehouse and working with Olga. She is always prompt in responding to my calls or texts. Olga recommended the best way to prep my property, and we had an application within 24 hours of listing."

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